Healing Is Possible. Make It A Reality By Getting Counseling.

Trauma is a gut wrenching, consuming and deeply painful experience. Others are not always able to relate to or empathize with the relentless nature of the pain. It can effect every aspect of your life: personal, financial, social, spiritual, etc. It can be very difficult to navigate pain on your own.

It is very easy to slip into a vicious cycle of pain that others do not understand which leads to isolation which causes loneliness and feeds sadness. This hinders motivation to go out and find happiness which in turn blocks you from getting out of the pain cycle again.  

You feel gutted, alone, unloved, angry and upset. No one truly understand and people give a string of advice with is usually useless and sometimes harmful. You may lose you old friends and may feel alienated physically as well as emotionally. 

Finally There Is A Real Solution In Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ACT):

I Love ACT Because:

– It is effective
– You get immediate relief
– You don’t have to tell your story to the therapist again
– You are in control at all times
– The therapist does not leave you half done like in EMDR
– It is makes use of a natural resolution process
– It is not hypnosis

Sounds too good to be true. Go to the ACT website, read the research that proves it’s validity, watch videos on how its done.

What People Are Saying About ACT?

“It’s like magic! Where is my pain?” (42 yo relationship trauma victim)

“It’s gone, can’t believe it’s gone. That’s crazy.” (27 yo medical school student with test anxiety)

“I can’t believe it actually worked.” (53 yo bereavement client)

“I feel so light and free” (38 yo PTSD victim)

“Thank you for giving me my life back” (PTSD victim)
Don’t let the pain and confusion get to you.

Why did I get into this?

I have experienced ACT and I can attest to it that it works. I have to be honest that when I saw it being done first I was definitely skeptical, it looked weird.

Helping people with very real relationship trauma on a daily basis, there are times when I have gone over all my interventions and my clients are still blocked. I used to send my clients for EMDR, but most of them did not want to repeat their story to another therapist again. When I heard about ACT and experienced the relief it is capable of providing I got certified it in.

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“Tackle the pain with support that leads you to a better, stronger, calmer and wiser you”