The Never Again Webinar

The Never Again Webinar

"Stop waiting and start creating the relationship you want."

Are you sick of being treated badly in your relationships? I have seen so many intelligent well-meaning people get into relationships with the best of intentions . . . and yet most people end up getting hurt, being taken advantage of, having their heartbroken, and I see them becoming hopeless; which is the worst.

You may be one of many people who have vowed to themselves that ‘never again!’. Never will I allow my self to get hurt again. This is great. All things that actually materialize and take place because of a strong intention. But . . .

“When you have gotten hurt, the things you do to prevent yourself from getting hurt in the future are the exact things that cause you to get hurt again.”

Let me present these two situations that I come across most frequently during therapy . . .

Firstly, when you come out of a relationship where you were being suffocated or where you got hurt . . . after a while of grieving and balancing yourself you eventually start doing great as a single person. You have it down. You are taking care of yourself. You have your priorities in place. You are having fun, doing things you love, creating, connecting, etc . . .

BUT as soon as you ‘LIKE’ someone . . . as soon as you start to fall in ‘LOVE’ with someone, everything goes out the window . . .

Now you are changing who you are, managing your priorities, your goals and your schedule to suit the other person . . . slowly but surely you are back in the same emotional pain, confusion, and sadness and you don’t know how you got there and how to get out of it.

This is a cycle, a pattern that is really hurtful and demoralizing.

Secondly, you may have gotten badly hurt at some point in your life; in your childhood or in your adult relationships, many times it’s both. You want love, you are looking for love, but you also have a very real fear of getting hurt again.

But because you are protecting yourself from the hurt you are showing up like a porcupine with all your quills out ready to defend or attack…Whatever is needed to ensure safety.”…

No one ever gets to see the warm, soft fuzzy porcupine that’s at the core. There are all the quills to get over to reach the real you that you end up creating what you are trying to avoid which is hurt and disappointment.

So, if you ‘have’ been hurt, how can you succeed in finding and maintaining a secure, committed relationship when all you have seen is pain?

When the pool of people you usually get to choose from are not sure of wanting anything more than momentary fun?

the never again webinar

How do you stop guarding, trust, and let go when the last time you did that someone broke your heart? 

Well, this is what I love to teach people how to do and I have the answers to all your questions. The only thing I want to know is are you done with “getting hurt”?

Are you done with this “I will always get hurt” story and ready for a new narrative?

“Stop waiting and start creating your dream relationship.”

I have created the Never Again Webinar just to find real skills and tools to solve this once and for all.

the never again webinar

This 90-min interactive webinar will show you how to never get hurt again, addresses each of the questions, and give you true guidance on how to bypass your fears and realize the relationship you have always wanted.

In the webinar You will learn:

  • How to find and keep a quality committed relationship.

  • How to heal your self-worth after betrayals of commitment such as infidelity, being taken advantage of, being taken for granted, and being neglected.

  • How to make sure you don’t get hurt again.

  • How to be a priority to your partner?

  • How to never be in a relationship where you are getting breadcrumbs in return for your devotion?

You will understand:

  • What a good relationship looks like.

  • What you should do and not do if you want to be loved, cherished, and taken care of in a committed relationship.

  • What a healed person looks like and why it is important to heal to have a solid relationship.