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Psychology Therapy
Wondering if we can help you with your unique issue? Try our no-obligation complimentary discovery session.
Can Relationship Therapy Help You?
Take a quiz to find out if you need Relationship Therapy and if it can help you. Find out if you can wait or just do with minor interventions and changes or if you need therapy to resolve what you are going through.
Discovered Infidelity?
Not ready for therapy just yet but need some guidance from a specialist?
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Free Consultation

We know it’s hard to reach out for therapy.

It’s hard to know if therapy would even work. It’s hard to go and talk to a stranger about your most personal and difficult issues. Everyone has one story of a friend or someone who went to therapy or couples counseling and it made things worst.
We have a solution . . .
Just call us.
Have a casual talk in the complimentary 30 min Discovery Session we offer and then decide for yourself.

During Your Complimentary Discovery Session:

Ask any question you like, nothing is off the table. You can ask us:

  • How we can help you with the particular issues you are dealing with?
  •  If we think your relationship can be helped? and how?
  •  Which service would suit your needs best?
  • Approximately how long you’d be in therapy and how frequently?
  •  About us, our degrees, certifications, etc.
  • Any fears or concerns you may have about therapy.
  • Any billing and payment concerns.

Complimentary Discovery Session

Affair recovery
Affair recovery

Don’t know what to believe and what to do. Don’t know where to begin healing.

Save Our Marriage
Save Our Marriage

We are at the brink of divorce. Could there possibly be any hope for us?

Separation Guidance
Separation Guidance

I feel trapped and stuck. After all this pain I want to be happy and free once again.

Rekindle your love
Rekindle your love

We couldn’t take our hands off each other but now we are like room-mates. Hope?

Premarital Counseling
Premarital Counseling

What can we do to protect ouselves from unhappiness or break-up?

Learn How to Deal with Infidelity?

Learn How to Deal with Infidelity?
What our customers say

Client Testimonials

If you can’t afford for relationship therapy to fail, then we are the people to come to.  Here’s why we are the ones you should come to:
After my divorce I was frozen in time.You helped me move forward and showed me exactly how to heal myself so that i could let go of the pain, the trauma , and the anger. I know how to take care of myself and cherish myself. I can LIVE now, I'm at peace with my past, I can live in my present, and i can look forward to my future
Lost That Spark
You Opended My Mind. It Gave Me Just The Boost I Needed To Find The Passion Inside Me. I Feel Beautiful And Strong, Lovable And Valuable. I am Ready To Take Over My Own Destiny And Make Things Happen For Me
Lost That Spark
Save Our Marriage
After my husband cheated on me, I was lost and confused. You gave me a sense of safety, guidance, and direction that has given me the will to keep on trying. I look forward to rebuild my relationship and myself. You helped me move from 'the shame os staying' to realizing my strength. I see hope now, for me, for us, for our future.
Save Our Marriage
Cheated On Me
They Lead You To Inner Freedom, Teach You How To Become Emotionally Independent, And To Recognize Your Inner Strengths.
Cheated On Me
Relationship Quiz

    Take this brief quiz and find out.