Affirmations: What Are They? How Do You Make Them?

Affirmations: What Are They? How Do You Make Them?

Affirmations are love letters to ourselves. Each of them should be detailed enough to make to take you at the moment when you are already enjoying the moment you are trying to manifest or create into your like. They are written in a way that what you desire has already happened and the sentence is a 3-D description of what it looks and feels to be there in the glory of what you have wished would happen. It’s a description of your experience as you enjoy it. A good affirmation is one that is customized in a way that helps you experience the glory that you want to create in all its essence, sights, sounds and color, temperature, feeling, sensation, etc.

An affirmation is always written in the present tense as if what you are looking to create has already happened. You only write positive things. For example instead of saying “I am not constantly thinking if my ex and instead of enjoying the beauty of my present “, you write “my focus is only on loving me and enjoying the beauty of my present “.

Once written, read them daily and in the begging every time you are upset to recalibrate your energy. They only work if you take the time to be with your affirmation with images, feelings, and thoughts. My guidance is to create virtual reality imagery for yourself every time you read them. The idea is to experience them to get the objective of creating new neuro-pathways in your brain to replace the ones that are not yielding the results you want. This is important for them to stick. Unless you concentrate and give them life with imagery, they are just words on a paper.

Here are some examples of affirmations that I have personally used and my clients have created for themselves use than as a guide to creating what you want to affirm in your life. Create your own or borrow from here as much as you like but they have to create a feeling within you that you are seeking to experience.

A quote I like to read at the beginning of my affirmations:
“If something is not meant to be you can’t make it happen, if something is meant to be you can’t stop it from happening.
Find your peace in the present between power and powerlessness”

I am fearless and kind.
I am loving and beautiful.
I am generous and intelligent. I am calm and hard-working.
I am powerful and present.

I am enough

I am courageous, kind, and willing to see, feel, and live my truth. I see it as an act of love for me and my soul.

I am lovingly honoring my body with good pure food and exercise.

I AM the one who is always in control of ME.

I already have everything I need inside of ME. The rest is all EXTRA

I am enjoying the freedom and peace of letting go of judgment and control of others, and myself

I am no longer worshipping at the altar of people’s opinion of me

I am lovingly meeting fear with love as I enjoy watching God(/my deep self/universe) unfold what’s best for me

I am committed to regular and daily awareness and connection with God(/my deep self/universe) and myself through constant prayer, gratitude, and meditation.

I’m loyal to myself and my needs even when others need me.

I am following the joy, adventure, and fun inside of me. I am honest about seeing and believing my discontent.

I bless and prosper everyone In my life and everyone in my life blesses and prospers me

I am trusting my intuition and my inner knowing given to me by my all-glorious God(/my deep self/universe).

I am the ONLY person who knows what is right for me

I am smiling and taking in all the intricate beautiful details and dimensions of my present


I want, but don’t need: things,people, situations.

I treat myself to the same loving care and protection that I treat my kids or the people I love with.

I am aware that: PEACE only comes from ME. I’m aware thatLOYALTY,TRUST, LOVE, and VALIDATION that I seek, all come from within ME.

I am lovingly meeting all my judgments of others with loving curiosity to understand where I need to heal, forgive and rewrite my story so it doesn’t possess me anymore

I am aware that I cannot serve others or love them truthfully if my unconditional love for me is not complete.

Sanya Bari, MEd, LPC, NCC, CTS, CDC

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