Life Lessons Meghan and Harry Taught Us In Their Interview With Oprah

Life Lessons Meghan and Harry Taught Us In Their Interview With Oprah

You Never Really Know What People Are Going Through:

Diana admitted to isolation, depression, and an eating disorder, but you’d think things have changed by now.

Even if some of us thought Meghan could face some of what Diana experienced, it was difficult to watch Meghan state a desire to take her life. Imagine the level of isolation and lack of support one has to experience to get to that point.

Never forget to treat everyone as human first. It’s easy to make assumptions about people who appear to have it all. You never know what kind of pain someone is going through despite their outward advantages.

Say ‘No’ To Perfectionism:

Perfectionism comes from a deep-seated fear of not being loved. There really is no such thing as perfect so it’s also a lie. When you subscribe to perfectionism you automatically subscribe to lying to yourself and others.

After a while, perpetuating that lie becomes as important as survival. When we take on the task of exuding perfectionism it alienates and isolates the ones we love and prevents people from confiding in us when they are going through something. I create lies, guilt, and shame. It creates isolation and hopelessness that Meghan was speaking about.

Without Empathy, Love, And Support A Palace Can Feel Like A Prison.

Some of the most lavish living arrangements cannot replace the human need for love, connection, support, and the desire to be seen and heard. Cherish the moment you have with your loved one.

When you don’t have peace of heart and mind you can not enjoy any blessing you may have. Freedom of heart and mind is worth letting go of a royal title and lifestyle for.

Family Comes Before Title: 

Meghan and Harry have proven that family, peace of mind, love, and connection are worth leaving royal titles for. Makes you want to appreciate loving moments with your own family.

A true reflection of a person’s character is gauged by how their family feels around them when they are not on display.

One can argue that the Queen is doing her job, but any job is better accomplished with humanity, love, generosity, and grace in mind. Even a beautiful thing is made ugly when humanity is taken out of it.

Playing Roles Dehumanizes People:

When you are playing a role you can’t see people as individuals, you can only see them for the role you need them to play in your life.

Even little children are aware when their adults need them to play a role. They can tell they are not loved for who they really are, but the role their adults need them to play so they can feel comfortable or happy.

It’s difficult to see that the Queen’s role is so embedded into who she is that she has forgotten to be a human first; not giving her own flesh and blood the recognition they deserve.

It may seem like it’s pride, but it’s just fear of losing what seems to need more guarding than one would think is necessary.

When you see humans as humans bigotry is impossible. Unfortunately, even at this stage of her life, the Queen has not reached the level of personal evolution that can help her see beyond race, color, nationality, and titles. She would rather alienate her own grandkids than break her role as Queen.

It is refreshing to see that Meghan and Harry chose love and family instead.

Image Credit: Harpo Productions/Joe Pugliese

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